Be careful, There are 64 Criminal application Makes a Broken Android phone you


VIVA – Sixty-four criminal application has been found by cyber-criminals to hack into someone cell phone. Almost a million people, the damage the phone accidentally download software or malicious software, so that the service life of the battery.

Researchers from Check Point said the apps in the Google Play Store as a part of the system to fraud behavior of “mobile ads’. That is, when the applications flood generate someone’s cell phone with annoying ads, and the money for the hacker or hackers.

“Although Google has taken steps to infiltrate to secure the Play store and stop criminal activity, but the hackers always find a way, and the user’s access device,” according to the official Check Point, quoted from the Website The SunThursday 26. March 2020.

Researchers have also found that new malware has been downloaded almost a million times around the world. Here is a list of 64-an evil that should be removed from your Android mobile phone:

1. Raceinspace Astronaut
2. Cooking
3. Letmego
4. Biscuitent
6. Dressup
7. Translator
8. Travel Map
9. Withu Translate
10. 24 Translate
11. Stickman Runner-Parkour
12. The Best Tools Translate
13. Little farm
14. Best Calculate Multi-Function
15. Folding Blocks Of Origami Mandala
16. Goldencat Hill Racing
17. Hexadom
18. Ichinyan Fashion
19. Great Cooking Star
20. Great Zombie
21. Fast Downloader
22. Carstiny
23. Stickman Warriors
24. Biscuit
25. Splashio
26. Translate
27. Unblock Car Puzzle
28. Delicious Recipes
29. Multi Translate Threeinone
30. Pro-Translator
31. Snap Translate
32. Smart-To Translate Language
33. The Best-Translate
34. Jewel Block Puzzle2019
35. Magic Cuble Blast Puzzle
36. Imgdownloader
37. Instant Translate
38. Best translate
39. Break tower
40. Space ship
41. Michimocho Video Downloader
42. Fortune-Tellers, Tarot Reading Horo
43. Titanium Block Flip
44. Mcmc Ebook Reader
45. Swift Jungle Translate
46. Happy cooking
47. Mcmccalculator Free
48. Tapsmore Challenge
49. Yummily Healthy Recipes
50. Hexamaster
51. Twmedia Downloader
52. Burningman
53. Amazing kitchen
54. Wego Translate
55. Arplanner Sketch Plan
56. Arsketch Quick Plan
57. Live translate
58. Calculatepro
59. Smart Tools Pro
60. Titanyan Igsaver
61. Digiv Weather Radar
62. Titan Translator
63. Artech Helpful
64. Armeasure Translate

A total of 64 fake app was discovered by researchers at the Play Store, which is the major app stores for Android phones. Almost half are intended for children, usually as a puzzle game or race.

The rest consists of utility applications, such as cooking, kalkolator, downloaders and translator. Once the phone is downloaded, the software Problem is a banner ad random in the application.

These apps generate money for the authors, however, battery mobile phone users are victim to.

“This application, the users, most of whom are children, because most of the cover of the application, the malware is a kids game. The good news is that all of the infected apps have been removed from the Google Play Store,” a statement from Check Point.