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Beastaction movie released in the summer of 2022 (READ REVIEW), sees Idris Elba as a father who, while on a trip to South Africa with his two daughters, finds himself being hunted by a ferocious a lion. In a video interview with InsidersCat expert Mark Elbroch praised the accuracy of the scene in which the animal attacks the main characters.

Here are his words:

African lions, the largest of them, are almost the same size as the largest tigers. Specimens weighing up to 270 pounds have been recorded, but they exhibit extreme dimorphism, which is a fancy word for males that are much larger than females. When I was in a field and encountered a lion, when he stands up his eyes are practically level with your chest, which is incredibly intimidating. It’s hard to watch. Reminds me Revenants in Leonardo DiCaprio’s case, the bear scene was simply brutal in its ferocity. This is in Beast) is the most realistic attack we’ve seen. This is an attack from behind: big cats often attack the spine when attacking any prey. And you notice that this lion bites very hard. Many claws that are used mainly to cause harm. This is a lion who wants to kill. This scene is as realistic as it gets. I’ll give it a solid eight. He loses two points just for affecting the person who was the victim. The destruction from this attack would be fatal.

You can see the full interview below:

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