Beat Huawei, Xiaomi Now the seller Smartpone third largest in the world


Xiaomi managed to shift Huawei as a smartphone manufacturer, the third largest in the world. Data February 2020 show managed, Xiaomi, send 6 million units of the smartphone, while Huawei only 5.5 million units.

While Samsung is still the first position as the world’s largest producer of smartphones in the world occupy. In February, Samsung managed to transfer to 18.2 million units, followed by Apple with 10.2 million units.

Not without reason, Huawei experienced a sharp decline in the delivery of the product. The sales of Huawei outside of China in the doldrums, as Huawei should be displayed without the Google apps and services.

While Xiaomi is still able to waltz, thanks to their strategy, the introduction of the products of the lower middle class.

Not to forget the plague COVID-19, the also the entire industry destroyed in China, including the mobile phone industry. Considering that the Chinese market is becoming the largest share for Huawei since your phone is blocked from using the service of Google.

Ambruk gara-gara Covid-19

Actually, the plague is Covid-19 only of the times is not the most picturesque part of the Huawei. The entire mobile phone industry, practical experience a drastic decline due to an outbreak of this Corona. This can be seen from the data of the smartphone shipments. February 2020, if compared to February 2019.

In February 2019, Huawei managed to send about 12.2 million units of smartphones, while Xiaomi send over 10 million units of the smartphone. Compared shipping February 2020 (Huawei 5.5 million units, Xiaomi (6 million units), a decline of 30-40%.

Samsung as the leading smartphone market is also experiencing the same problem. The South Korean company lost the shipment of approximately 1.9 million units in the January-February 2020, or about 13% of the total delivery of them.

The eyewear industry, sales in the month of February 2020 also decreases drastically. If February 2019 and recorded 99.2 million units of smartphones were sold, in February of this year, only to 61.8 million units. And this number will certainly deteriorate further as the spread of the Corona virus in Europe and in the US market.

This of course further adds to the pressure for the sale of smartphones from Huawei. Huawei previously estimated, that it can’t use a sales decline of 20% due to use Google Apps in your smartphone.

And plus, the effect of the outbreak of the Corona, the smartphone business Huawei will be worse off.

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