“Beautiful? I don’t follow him and I don’t see any of the cast.”

04 September 2023, 17:18

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Ronn Moss is back with his first love. After playing Ridge Forrester on the soap opera Beauty for over 25 years, he decided to break with the past. The actor and musician gave an interview to the newspaper Corriere della Sera on the sidelines of the demonstration. Ronn Moss agreed to speak at a charity event organized by the municipality of Concorezzo (Monza). Lots of fans, those who haven’t missed an episode of the American series since 1987. Texas hat, denim shirt, chains and rings. Even in the look, he declares that he has stopped playing Ridge and is a musician. On the character he’s played over the years: “I’m especially grateful to him for the exposure this character has given me. This is part of my life, in fact, I devoted 25 years to the film set, a quarter of a century I told her story and her love. But now I’m glad people are starting to recognize Ronn Moss, the musician.”

Ronn Moss (Photo from video)

“Italy is my second home, I discovered it by making my first film in Sicily”

Ronn Moss presents his new album “Surprise trip Love”. “The album gets its name from a song that is also on the soundtrack to the movie Viagio Surprise,” he explains, “which I made last year with Lino Banfi. For me, shooting the film, in which I play an American broker who decides to buy a farmhouse in Puglia, was a way to unite my two souls: a musician and an actor.” I love Italy so unconditionally that Ronn Moss considers it “his second home”. I discovered this during my first film shot in Sicily before becoming Ridge, then I shot episodes of Beautiful in Puglia and Lake Como and fell in love with it. Now I am spending six months in Italy and I am also learning Italian. I like the atmosphere of the lake, but now I really love Milan, not so much the modern metropolis, but the old Milan, its most historical and monumental part.”

Ronn Moss and Silvio Berlusconi (photo from Instagram)

“Silvio Berlusconi was a kind man, very nice, full of charisma”

The actor never hid his respect for Silvio Berlusconi. He once stated: “If I voted in Italy, I would vote for Berlusconi.” “I have not been to Arkor,” he admits, “but I had to meet him several times. I remember a kind person, very pleasant, full of charisma. I’m sure a lot of people miss this.” After 25 years on the set of Beautiful and over 6,000 episodes, he decided to leave. No regrets? “Definitely not. It was the right time to do it. I don’t see any of the actors anymore and I don’t even follow the Forresters. I couldn’t follow them even when I was on the show because I didn’t really have time to watch TV I needed to get back to songwriting.”

Ronn Moss (Photo from video)

“My mother was Liz Taylor’s riding teacher”

Music is his first passion. “I started when I was 11, with a lot of artists touring at my house,” he says. – My father was an impresario of classical music, I met Andres Segovia. My mother was the riding teacher Liz Taylor. I grew up with so many artists and I started playing everything from drums to guitar. I was very inspired by the music of the Beatles, I dreamed of being like them. Then for a few years, before Beautiful, I played Player professionally. Is there a song I would like to write? I think “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Now we have two concerts in Puglia and then all over the world. A wonderful journey that you can follow on my Instagram account.”


04 September 2023, 17:18

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