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lfor a great summer Laura Luchetti, after preview on film festival in Locarno, out in theaters today. This film will be the film debut Virgin Casseldaughter Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, expecting to see her as Angelique (a character played by Claudia Cardinale in Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece) in the Netflix series Leopard.

Virgo Cassel increasingly resembles mother Monica Bellucci

Virgo Cassel increasingly resembles mother Monica Bellucci

Luchetti’s second work, inspired by the novel of the same name Cesare Pavese, The action takes place in 1938 in Turin, the main characters are two teenagers. Genia and Amelia who discover desire and become women.

beautiful summer: scenario

Turin, 1938 Ginia (Yile Yara Vianello) she had just moved from the countryside to the city with her brother Severino (Nicolas Maupas), and works in a fashion studio. A teenager is looking for excitement, new friends and love. Meeting with Amelia (Virgin Cassel) it will change her life. Amelia she is a modern girl, she acts without shame, she can freely express herself without inhibitions, despite having some weaknesses that she will only show to Ginia.

The two girls are completely different from each other: Ginia is shy and an introvert, but will learn to know and open his body thanks to a friend emancipated and elegant posed nude for young artists of the time. Ginia slowly lets gowill find the courage to be herself and understand what it means to try feeling strong as Love.

Deva Kassel: good premiere (at the cinema), waiting for the series Leopard

Virgin Cassel after being catapulted into the world fashion she goes headlong into the film industry, like her mother Monicawhich encourages her to follow her passions. At 18, the road is an actress and model daughter of art For all intents and purposes, he seems well-drawn: his first time in front of the camera went more than well.

Devasalong with the scaphata Yile (we have already evaluated this in Heavenly body), supports the entire movie. Cast Ameliaa girl who makes herself a woman is believable. Virgo still has a long way to go and we are sure that with study and experience it will correct those tics and mechanical movements of the body that are a little glued to it. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing her in the role Angelica in the Netflix series Leopard.

Virgin Cassel and Yile Yara Vianello. (Photo by Laura Luchetti)

beautiful summera story about the freedom to love whoever you want

beautiful summer Negotiations about adolescencea topic very dear to the director who has read the book Pavese fifteen times. He didn’t want to change the setting because the coming of age story and the approach to desire stands on its own. modern“I thought I heard the conversation of today’s children,” he commented. Laura Luchetti.

Virgin Cassel and (Photo by Matteo Viey)

“I always thought Pavese was Ginia he continues, “the thought of adapting to today made us say no, because it was already relevant. At the moment of formation and kindling of desire, everything around can happen, but instinct dominates, he continues. medallions – while we were writing, a pandemic came to my aid: my daughter, the same age as Ginia, he told me that his classmates in love had run away from home. Fire becomes the moment of growth. beautiful summer this is a story about greater freedom: love whoever you want“.


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