Beauty at first sight: Xerjoff summer perfume with the smell of Sicily

Sicily is the protagonist of a new cosmetic trend that considers the regional origin of ingredients and enhances products associated with the territory, a symbol of authenticity and love for the land. Along with the skincare brands that have emerged in recent years, summer fragrances have always conveyed the scents of Sicily through their olfactory notes. Because even high perfumery always starts from nature and, with the skill of the craftsmen, collects the best extracts in synesthetic games.

How Erba Pura by Xerjoff on a beauty magazine cover Vanity Fair at newsstands and on sale from Campomarzio70 (245 euros – 100 ml). A basket of joyful and fresh fruits, exuberant Sicilian citrus and Calabrian bergamot fill the composition with joy. A touch of soft musk and tart amber opens the door to vanilla, sensual and dreamy. In the olfactory pyramid: Sicilian orange and lemon, Calabrian bergamot, a basket of Mediterranean fruits, white musk, amber pods and Madagascar vanilla.

Evaporating Erba Pura by Xerjoff, a high-end Italian perfume brand founded by entrepreneur Segio Momo, is like a trip to Sicily on the skin, a refreshing caress that fills the imagination with beauty and tradition. It is a pure life, fresh and cheerful, like summer in Sicily.

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