Beauty | Guide to Strengthening Eyelashes: Simple Tips and Diet

Due to genetic factors, some people have very short eyelashes. The other amounts are small and drop a lot. Some people are lucky enough to have eyelashes that are long, thick, but straight, so they prefer curling and bending… To get long, thick eyelashes It’s not enough to just apply product and forget about it. Their internal and external cleanliness must be considered and taken care of on a daily basis.People have always said that thick eyelashes are The best way to make your eyes stand out. They are the difference between a tired look and a dazzling look. Of course, don’t forget, Its main functions: protect eyes, Preventing them from being damaged by the entry of any external particles and acting as an awning to filter sunlight.

until you reach your Maximum growth (approximately 10 mm) may take 4 to 8 weeksL’Oréal experts say it’s reasonable to wait, considering there are typically 150 to 300 on the upper eyelid (and less than 80 on the lower eyelid). Its life cycle consists of three stages.this growth periodlasts for 30 to 45 days, and is the period when eyelashes grow within the hair follicles; this regression periodthe time between two and three weeks when hair follicles shrink and eyelashes stop growing, and taro rootthe rest period is as long as 100 days, after which the eyelashes fall off naturally.

Be careful how many people fall

When did this fall stop being normal? When more than five eyelashes fall out in a day or small bald spots are observed. So, it is better to see a specialist.

There are some simple tips to improve the appearance and strength of your lashes. According to Nutritienda experts, these five are the most effective.

Gently remove makeup

No need to wipe Force your eyes away. This leaves us with just tearing out some eyelashes. The most important thing is to know which product is needed for each moment. For example, waterproof mascara must be removed using specific eye products, often in bi-phase formulas that remove makeup without any extra effort.Regular mascara, on the other hand, is easy to use Micellar water or cleansing soap Good for eyes.

Before applying any of these tips, it’s important to keep your skin clean and dry. to this end, Makeup removal and cleansing steps It must be done correctly and carefully. This way, the eyelashes absorb all the nutrients they need.

  • he castor oil This is one of the best kept secrets. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which help moisturize the hair and increase its density. You just put a few drops on a cotton swab and gently apply it along the base of your lashes, trying not to get it into your eyes.
  • he Almond oil, helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair. A few drops applied to a clean mascara brush or cotton swab before bed can help.
  • he olive oil, which contains vitamin C, biotin and fatty acids. After a few weeks of applying it every night before bed, your lashes will look thicker, healthier, and longer.

use specific serum

this The fastest and most effective way to strengthen eyelashes and increase their thickness and number. These products contain a large number of nutrients specifically designed for this purpose. Typically, you only need to use them once or twice a day and you will notice results within a few weeks. They usually have an applicator similar to liquid eyeliner, so it’s easy to apply the product to the roots. They are also great for eyebrows.

If you notice excessive hair loss or your eyelashes are not as thick as usual, it might be interesting to supplement your diet with supplements based on: B vitamins as Biotin or vitamin B6 and/or minerals such as zinc, selenium or iron. In the market, you can find a variety of options from different brands. However, it is important to visit a specialist to evaluate the cause of hair loss.

It is an essential device in the daily life of many people, especially those who have Eyelashes are very straight.However, it may help these If they are weak and thin they will break. Therefore, in some cases it may be more convenient to limit their use or wait until they are reinforced.

📌It is important to include these nutrients in our diet:


It is one of the most important minerals for hair health and is necessary to prevent hair loss.Some foods that contain it are Red meat, seafood or almonds.


Also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B8, It is another essential nutrient for hair as well as eyelashes. It is found in many foods: eggs, chocolate, almonds…

Vitamin C

Among other things, vitamin C is Powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight the damage of aging. Apart from, Helps iron absorption, this mineral helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which plays a very important role since anemia is a cause of hair loss. Likewise, vitamin C Promote collagen production, a protein found naturally in eyelashes that makes them thicker and stronger.Vitamin C is found in many Fruits and vegetables: kiwi, oranges, peppers, strawberries, broccoli…

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Vitamin E

it is Antioxidants Interfere with many processes of the body, Improves blood flow to hair follicles and roots and refines can be in Vegetable oils, hazelnuts, almonds, spinach and fortified foods.

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