Beauty Horoscope: 10 Products To Give Your Leo Woman

and here we are in this weather Lion, The fifth of the 12 zodiac signs, the element of fire and excess passion, celebrates its birthday in the middle of summer. July 23 to August 22, Leo woman is the focus energy, self-centredness, vitality, pride and determinationsuffice it to say that among the famous births of the sign are Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna and Kylie Jenner, strict, attractive and very self-confident women. But what does the Leo woman have to do with beauty? And what cosmetics should we give her on her birthday to please her? Let’s know from the expert.

Leo women’s favorite beauty products

Quoting Madonna, Lionesses are material girls, so they appreciate luxurious beauty gifts: Avoiding it is futile. telling Gini Chiara Viola, author of the blog A Good Word for Everyone: « The Leo woman is above all an important and energetic person. In fact this sign is dominated by the Sun, which dramatically increases the desire to be in the center of the scene and gather support. Leo woman loves to be noticed and admiredThis is why it is rarely shown in the soap and water version, preferring Understated and well-crafted makeup, never gloomy or dark, Illuminator, fiery red lipstick and bronze, deep pink and gold eyeshadow are always in her cosmetic bag for a glowing complexion. Leo woman Appreciates highly feminine lasting perfume, preferably from reputed brands, Destined to make an impression with a riot of floral and oriental notes. it can’t be forgotten Leone woman’s passion for wavy, strong and thick hair: Never without professional haircare products, but also without the latest generation hair dryer and straightener. Again, Leo woman she likes to be in top physical shape: He does not neglect diet and training (it is tough), helps himself at home with an arsenal of slimming, elasticizing and firming creams, gels, oils and clays. To always remain beautiful is the mission of life for her. Ultimately the Leo woman has an irresistible attraction to the Sun and in fact It shows a golden, even and glowing tan in late summer, Get her a sun care product with dual protective and tanning action. She’ll be very grateful.

In the gallery we have collected 10 Beauty Gift Ideas To celebrate the birthday of your dear Leo woman.

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