« Bebe Rexha gets three stitches on her face »

baby rexa He is famous singer American, known for some of her summer hits in collaboration with DJ and producer David Guetta, “I’m good” and “Hey mama”. In the last few hours some of his pictures are going viral on the web and he has been immortalized during one of his concerts. New York, fan of his thoughts Throw telephone on stage, probably because he expected the singer to take his cell phone and make some unedited videos. But it didn’t go exactly like that, quite the contrary.

Bebe Rexha did not see the phone thrown towards the stage and could not avoid it because of the lighting. The cell phone hit her face full and she had to end the call in pain concert,

Let’s see what happened.

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bebe rexha and accident

Bebe wanted to sing her biggest hits in front of a cheering audience at her concert in Rexha New York, when one of his fans decided to throw the phone towards the stage. Youth singer there was no time to avoid it and unfortunately, it was Affected full. Initially Bebe wanted to continue singing, but she gave up shortly after and asked for a break to recover.

Bebe put his arm around her as she walked backstage to her stage faceespecially oneye, The person who threw the phone was immediately identified taken into custody,

immediate arrest

Nicolas Malvagna, the 27-year-old boy who threw his phone at singer Bebe Rexha, has been arrested on what charges? attack and now it is according to some sources who report al daily MailCatch.

The singer had to go to the emergency room where there was the biggest surprise: three stitches.
Nicolas Malvagna did not expect that in his opinion a “so innocent” gesture would hurt his idol.

Bebe Rexha is back on social media to thank and reassure fans who were worried about her.

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