Because Messi at Inter Miami applauded like Iron Man after a great match against Atlanta.

Compilation, broadcasts and shows for Leo Messi with Inter Miami vs Atlanta. Everything is seasoned with a special holiday.

America at your feet Leo Messi. It didn’t take long for the Argentine to make his mark on the shirtInter Miami. After his debut with the winning goal against Cruz Azul, the world champion showed himself for the first time in the starting XI with a monstrous performance. Two goals, one assist and an endless streak knock out Atlanta United in the League Cup.

Destructive Pulse, which in just 7 minutes made it clear to opponents that they would have lived a nightmarish night. In the perfect pocket of this Sergio Busquets, who knows him like few others, Messi beat the opposing goalkeeper after triangulating the post that saved his first shot.

It was only the beginning show the ex-defender of Barcelona and PSG, who had a great duet with Robert Taylor about his non-trivial double: for the first time in 8 years, the striker scored two goals in one match with a “weak” foot. Special thanks to the partner, whom Leo then repaid with an assist for a kiss. 4-0 and Messi-camera showing Messi’s outstanding performance, full field and don’t stop opponents.

Messi arouses suspicion with his new celebrations at Inter Miami: they are not random, he makes money

Once again, on this occasion, many eminent fans in the stands thanked those who enjoyed the great champion. Camila Cabello, Alejandro Rau, DJ Khaled and Sean Combs better known as Diddy, and tennis player Diego Schwartzman (with whom he also had a close conversation) applauded Leo Messi’s performance on the open stage, which further fascinated even the friend and owner of the club David Beckham present near the field with his wife Victoria.

Busy evening for Messi, who also had to deal with with the invader who, however, was unable to contact him, blocked by security. With all the close attention to him, the detail concerning the gesture of the Argentine on the occasion of his marking did not escape him.

After Leo scored a goal, he received hugs from his teammates who were enthusiastic about his game, and then, as usual, he raised his index fingers to the sky with his notoriously selfless dedication. But then here special jubilation: He stopped and stretched out his right hand in front of him, opening his palm with a serious expression. All in the direction of Beckham, who smiled cheerfully.

What is the meaning of this gesture? Apparently Leo Messi wanted to imitate iron Man, famous Marvel character. In Argentina, there are two theories that have tried to explain all this: on the one hand, there are those who think that this is a tribute to Beckham and the nickname he had many years ago, on the other, those who think that this is a reference. favorite superhero of their own children.

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