Because of the Corona Virus, the value, the evaluation of the Apple trillion Fell to Rp1,4!


INDOZONE.ID Previously, Apple had created the trouble, because the factory assembled the iPhone of your that it will be closed in China temporarily due to an outbreak of the corona virus. But the perceived problem of Apple not end.

You are aware that thanks to the presence of the virus COVID-19, the value, the valuation of the company Apple decreased quite large, in the amount of US $ 100 billion or equivalent to Rp1. 429 trillion US dollars.

Also, the value of the shares of Apple fell by 8.7% on the day Wednesday (09/03) yesterday, where the current price of Apple stock per share US $289,03 (previously US$263,75).

Visitors to the Apple Store in Shanghai the investigation in the case of a currently
Visitors to the Apple Store in Shanghai the investigation in the case of a (photo/REUTERS/Aly Song)is currently

Of course, it is for Apple a little annoyed with the presence of the corona virus, despite the current valuation of Apple is still high, i.e. about US$1 trillion.

In addition to Apple, it turns out that many other large corporations, the reduced the value of the assessment. Because it is caused by the spread of the corona virus, the production of the goods is limited, in addition, the current world oil prices will fall.

But Apple always try again, so you can introduce new products, on-time, though earlier a little stunted. One of the Apple products that will be launched in the near time, the iPhone 2 or iPhone 9.

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