Because of the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the sale of the Galaxy S20 Drastically


Sale Samsung Galaxy S20 series tell-by the Corona virus

Sale Samsung Galaxy S20 series tell-by the Corona virus

Sale Samsung Galaxy S20-series in South Korea tell. The data show, the Galaxy S20 series sold only 70.800 units in the first day of the sale. This number decreased drastically in comparison to the sales of the Galaxy S10 series, which reached 140 thousand units. Also when compared to the sales of the first day of the Galaxy Note 10 220 reached thousand, the reduction reaches 70%.

The cause for this decline is not on the other is a Corona-virus. “A drop in sales due to the sharp decline in the number of consumers who visit the store,” said a spokesman for the Telecom operator in South Korea. Conditions become increasingly unfavorable, because of the discount that accompanies the sale of the Galaxy S20 series low.

This is the second time of the outbreak of the Corona virus has a direct effect on the Samsung. Earlier Samsung had in the vicinity of its factory in the city of Gumi (about 2 hours from Seoul) due to one of your employees is an infection with the Corona virus.

In addition to Samsung, some technology companies also are experiencing the effects of Corona. Previously, Apple called, your income will not reach the target, because many factories, the production of components for Apple products, can’t work normally. Also worrying is the same Microsoft expressed to predict that the PC business will be interrupted by the outbreak of the Corona.

Samsung Deg-degan

South Korea itself is currently with an increase of positive cases of the virus Corona. Based on data from the 29. February 2020, it has been a 3730 cases of the Corona virus that causes the cases and 21 deaths. A plague happened in Daegu, the fourth largest city in the country has a population of 51 million people. The biggest concern is the spread of the outbreak to other cities, and disturb the business in South Korea, including Samsung.

Samsung itself has an important role for the economy of South Korea. Data show that 12% of the total tax debt, which the South Korean company of Samsung. In addition, more than 180 thousand people in South Korea to work for Samsung and its subsidiaries. If Samsung’s business problem, the South Korean economy will also be problematic.

Samsung currently has factories in several countries, including Vietnam and India. However, the domestic industry is in South Korea, an important role for the industry Samsung. Samsung is the largest manufacturer of memory chips in the world and 70% of the production is carried out in the country. The majority of the production processor of Samsung is in South Korea.

In short, the outbreak of the Corona virus is really annoying Samsung. In addition to the hits from the demand side, the production was the low point.

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