Because of the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the-traffic-group video call in Facebook Surged to 70 percent

405 – Remote communication, via group video call be a means to connect to each other in the middle of the pendemic COVID-19. No wonder, then, that the platform provider, the group video call, there was a spike in traffic on its service. It is recognised by the managing Director Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

In the data, which is released until the end of this week, the increase in the traffic group video calls with Facebook Messenger reaches more than 70 percent. During the time, the people are in the video group, increased 2-fold globally.

Quoted from CNET about Liputan6.comOn Thursday (26/3), the use of the voice and video call in WhatsApp also increased 2-fold compared to last year, especially during the outbreak of the corona virus.

However, as social media platforms, the number one in the world, Facebook is also facing challenges in the fight against the wrong information, hoaks, rumors and conspiracy theories associated with this virus.

Still, the service Facebook connect is very important for users all over the world with each other. Facebook-call, the service is also widely used by leaders of the community and health experts to share information and support.

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In the UK, for example, a million users of Facebook support follow, through the group Covid-19.

The increased activity in the Facebook no impact on the ability of the company, with traffic spikes deal has been touted. But Mark Zuckerberg said the company is responding in the preparation, if the traffic continues to increase.

“We are trying to ensure that we continue to the user. The current outbreak has yet to peak, we need to ensure that the infrastructure is not strong enough, so that the service can be improved, if the situation is urgent,” he said.


Reporter: Agustin Kusuma Wardani