“Because of the registration.” The Bachelor winner joked about the choice of Ksenia Mishina

Alexander Ellert showed new photos (Photo: Instagram)

The winner of the romantic reality TV Bachelor again raised the topic of his relationship with Ksenia Mishina on Instagram.

Comedian Alexander Ellert made a new publication, in which he spoke on the topic of rumors on the Web about why the main character Ksenia Mishina preferred him in the final of the project.

The day before, one of the show’s fan accounts suggested why Mishina chose Ellert. According to fans, it’s all about his registration.

“The reason for her choice was precisely the origin of Sasha. A couple of months before the filming of the show, the Crimean woman Ksenia received an offer of cooperation from the legendary film studio in Yalta. For a comfortable move to the territory of Crimea and travel between two conflicting countries, Ksenia needs a passport with Russian citizenship. For a Ukrainian today, the easiest way to get a passport of a Russian citizen is to register in the DPR / LPR, ”the fan-account says.

Ellert decided to speak out on the topic of new rumors on Instagram, where he posted a screenshot of the publication in his story. He also posted several of his new photos, in the caption to which he joked about rumors about registration.

Photo: Instagram / ellert_a

“It turns out that Mishina chose Ellert because of his registration … Ilon Max has a dacha on Mars … Moles break the roads from below … there are Tom and Jerry episodes where you can see the whole hostess, not just legs … Rats can laugh … Maria Fedorovna cooks the best cutlets in the world … If you lick an iPhone in the cold, then … We arrived … Have a nice day … Puzzled, I went out into the street, licked my iPhone, “he wrote.

Earlier, Ellert reacted to criticism from viewers who condemned Mishina for choosing the show.