Becky G celebrates 25 million followers on Instagram – Laura G


The interpreter continues to give surprises to their most faithful fans, this after all the controversy that surrounds it, as the removal from Spotify of one of your topics or the launch of his album ” surprise “that they were not going to leave.”

It has now announced that he began his career as an actor, it was during an interview for the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’, in which, by the way she posed for the cover of the same, he explained that he recorded some scenes of a minor character for the series ‘Narcos,’ which produces the streaming platform Netflix.

Although he missed the end of shooting some scene for the suspension of activities due to the pandemic by the COVID-19. By the time we are unaware of more details of the mexican production as the reset of the recordings.

This cover hung a few days ago a Bad Bunny, in your account of Instagram celebrating it as an achievement.

“Those who still do not understand, they will someday. The little boy from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, the bobito who worked in the supermarket, the baby of Tito and Lysaurie, that, on the cover of Rolling Stone. My nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, but nobody, can tell me who I can or can’t do, I do what I want. And since he was a child, I wanted to be big, I wanted to pursue and work for my dreams. Thanks to all who believed, to those who believe, and that someday you will believe”, you can read in the description of the cover.

The second season of ‘Narcos’, in which it participates Diego Luna, came out in February of this year.