Before Covid-19, requires the user greater sanitation in the Metro


Before Covid-19, requires the user greater sanitation in the Metro

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The user of the Metro, Hector Artega Mountains demanded the greater the measures in the System of Collective Transport (STC) to prevent contamination of Covid-19.

To which the march 26, filed a complaint with the Human Rights commission of Mexico City (CDHCDMX), transcend.

The Subway is a huge focus of transmission and are not taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus”, published in social networks.

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From the march 21, reported on social networks that he had done tours for different Metro stations and noted that it did not apply measures to avoid contamination.

Yesterday I went through 13 stations of the Line 3. Only 7 of them were equipped with hand sanitizers at the entrance, but in only 5 in both entries”, published the 24th of march in your account of Facebook.

On the 25th of march again reported that the authorities of the STC could distort the information on the measures taken in the Metro.

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The director ensures that it has taken all the hygiene measures necessary. It is not true. Your staff, at several stations, he is required to take measures for their own protection”, published that day.

Considered that it is necessary in the Metro the use of gel sanitizer is mandatorythere is a special car for older adults, distributed users to avoid crowds, take temperature and deny access to people with symptoms, the greater amount of personal properly protected, among others.

The STC reported that until Sunday had not received notification of the CDHCDMX on the complaint of the user, and stated that embarks on a program of sanitation of trains and facilities.

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