Before Covid-19, water should be used for basic needs



The director-general of the National Water Commission (Conagua)Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, called for mexican society and the different orders of government to strengthen the savings and the efficient use of the resource to meet the current contingency for the Covid-19.

In a message spread in social networks, recalled that the hygiene measures have increased the demand for drinking water in urban areas of the country, but the volume in the distribution system remains the same.

He noted that the homes and jobs, in addition to repairing leaks, you need to perform small actions such as closing the faucet when people enjabonan hands, to reuse the water and reduce the maximum activities are not primary, such as washing of cars and irrigation of gardens.

Today, more than ever, water must be used to meet the basic needs of the people. We will all have to make adjustments, as the increase in the measures of hygiene, the people wash their hands more often, bathing more than once a day and clean their homes and work areas more often,” he added.

The head of Conagua noted that the states and the municipalities must strengthen the maintenance of its facilities for the management of water, reducing leaks that cause waste and pollution, but primarily to manage successfully assigned budgets. the subject of water, in particular for water treatment and delivery.

He stressed that the lack of attention to these measures reduces the possibility that the water reaches to hospitals and vulnerable households.

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