Before Dying, “Cepilllín” Had Been Detected Cancer in the Spine

Ricardo González, "Cepillín".

Ricardo González Jr. confirmed that his father was detected cancer in one of the nerves of the spine during surgery on February 28

Ricardo González, better known as ” Cepillín “, died this Monday, March 8, at the age of 75 in a hospital located in the State of Mexico.

Last Sunday, February 28, Ricardo González underwent emergency surgery after suffering an accident on the stairs of his house and although at first, they assured that he was progressing favorably, his health was affected again, for which he entered intensive care at night on Sunday, March 7, where he had to be intubated, he also had problems with heart failure and pneumonia.

However, hours before his death, Ricardo González Jr. confirmed in an interview with various media that during the surgery he underwent “El clown de la tele” cancer was detected in one of the nerves of the spine.

“ As a son, I didn’t want to say anything. They tell me that it is on time, (cancer) is beginning and it can be treated “, revealed the son of the actor also before the TV Azteca camera.

Until that moment, the prognoses for recovery were reserved due to the severity of the surgery he underwent days before.

“He had a very strong operation, they cannot do any type of chemotherapy or radiofrequency due to the issue of the wound, we have to wait, ” he reiterated.

The news came from the knowledge of ” Cepillín ” himself, who took it with the sense of humor that characterized him:

“You already know my father, he said: ‘I have to die of something.’ He turned to us and said: ‘I have cancer’. “

Ensuring that he had not been detected before and neither did he present symptoms that could have alerted him to his state of health.

” They checked him, he has no inflammation, the lymph nodes are the first to warn you when there is a problem you get a fever, he has never had a fever, ” explained the son of the Mexican comedian.

Although the disease was detected in time and they gave him a life expectancy, the 72 hours it would take for the doctors to give a new diagnosis did not arrive; “ Cepillín ” lost his life on the morning of March 8 due to respiratory complications.