Before pandemic Covid-19, Mexico is giving a lesson to the world: AMLO


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized this Saturday at the mexican the sacrifice that made the stay at home against the pandemic of Covid-19 that affects Mexico and nearly all over the world.

Through a video of more than six minutes posted on your social networks, the chief Executive held the citizenship obeyed the recommendations the federal government respect the measures of isolation and healthy distance for avoid or limit the spread of the virus.

To all the people of Mexico: heartfelt Thanks. Will not be in vain sacrifice. Cheer up!, wrote.

He pointed out that, according with the the governor of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillothe beaches of Acapulco are empty, which means that the familys decided to take shelter and sacrificing the days off by Holy Week.

The video it was recorded from your home in the mayor’s office Tlalpanin the City of Mexico, where, he said, he remained this weekend, without leaving their farm in Palenque, Chiapas, as is his habit, on festive days.

Assured that Mexico is between the 10 countries of the world with less infected and less deaths because of the pandemic thank you, stressed, to the effort of prevention that is done in the country.

He added that it will be the next Monday when inform the actions that will determine your management agreement to the projections that made the scientists for address the imminent phase three.

He added that the measures staying at home will help to save many lives and he stressed that after it assist the economic crisis that is coming, so in this moment the most important thing is protect the mexican families.

López Obrador said that the mexican are giving a lesson to the world with the behaviorexemplary” that have been shown to stay at home for avoid the contagion community the Covid-19 and urged the citizens to be looked after.

The representative reported this Friday is ended of disperse the resource financial support the older adults all over the country so that they can deal the crisis health and economic caused by the coronavirus.

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