Before Published Leaked Specifications Of Redmi K30 Per Excellent!



Redmi K30 Have a Pro camera 64 MP – Of course, we remember, at the end of the year 2019, then the Xiaomi officially launched its latest smartphone i.e. Redmi K30 to the public. Where the phone comes alone, without his accompany.

And this time, without a word, when his brother used the name Redmi K30 Per will be launched in the near future by the manufacturer, Xiaomi is the. Planned this smartphone comes at 24. March 2020.

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Before the Redmi also have already confirmed, if Redmi K30 Per that will come with the chip set of the latest premium-namely, the Snapdragon 865 SoC and take advantage of the latest network, namely 5G.


Still the same with his brother, Redmi K30 Per this seems to have come through the use of a panel screen, a refresh rate of 120Hz. And we need to know whether the future smartphone with a AMOLED used panel or stick with panerl LCD.

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In a leaked teaser that seems to be in circulation, hp android this by using the settings in the quad-camera dipunggungnnya, and has a round disc as the home of the camera behind the.

Redmi K30 Pro is still the possibility of using a longer lens, i.e. 64 MP of IMX686 Sony, but for the other camera is still unknown. Redmi K30 Per this is also with the larger battery capacity than its predecessor, 4.700 mAH with fast charge, 33W.

The previous Redmi K30 only supports with large battery with 4,500 mAh with fast charge 27W. Good to know the leaked specifications of the other leaked Redmi K30 Perwe continue to wait for the update information.

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