Before the show in Rosario, Trueno spoke with FM Vida: “This tour in the country is a whim of mine”

On Saturday December 11, Thunder performs at the Broadway theater. The artist arrives in the city after a successful visit to Spain with the tour Daring: The Farewell, a powerful show with his band.

Before the presentation, this Tuesday the artist chatted with FM Life. On an Instagram live, Trueno talked about his shows, about the music and also about the Rosario Nicki Nicole, his girlfriend.

“Whenever I went to Rosario in any field, be it Free Style competition or show, people are waiting for that recital. There is a very important movement, playing in Rosario for me is beautiful “, expressed the rapper.

In that sense, he made mention of his beginnings and his way of celebrating his path in music. “I remember in a good way, I don’t miss the past, I still have nerves. I really enjoy the process of having achieved the above. “In addition, the 19-year-old artist said that he has” really “wanted to try other musical genres.

Among his wishes and desires, Thunder wants to conquer and fill a particular stadium: “I want to do the Boca court, I know that slowly and with time we will arrive “.

For the assembly of this series of shows, Trueno adapted each of his songs to be performed together with his band and taking them to a new level, but without ever losing their true essence. “I needed to go home and be with my people. This tour in the country is a whim of mine”, assured.

His engagement to rosarina Nicki Nicole

Some time ago, Rosario Nicki Nicole said in an interview that Trueno had made an “unexpected” marriage proposal. Given this, the ragman commented: “It’s a pledge more of loyalty than paper, I guess we’ll have a party later, but The relationship I have with her and the trust is enough for me “.

And he did not hesitate to throw flowers to his partner, who will also perform in Rosario on November 27, 29 and 30. “She is super talented, I am sure that in Rosario she will break it all”, said.

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