Before you Buy, Identify 4 diseases of the Yamaha Scorpio page to all


SOLO,– The prestige, Yamaha Scorpio the last time the lustre. Evidenced by the many lovers of the iron horse, chasing the motor with cubic ation 225 cc.

Not only those who is already familiar with the character of the engine, called the Scorpion. But, not a few beginners woo interested to start up a Scorpion.

With the condition of the engine, which are already old, there are of course a number of diseases, the impact of the rule on the engine, often called the Pios.

The following four diseases: typical Scorpio

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It is no secret that the rear shock absorbers, Yamaha strolls Scorpio. Also when the motor was on the back often so short and flattened.

In fact, the state of shock and the default is still, and there are no changes or any diceperkan were.
The owner of the workshop specialists Scorpio ASICS Tohudan, Karanganyar, Anang, said that the spread shock at the rear, it was in fact a congenital disease Scorpio.

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To treat “In General, the mounting hole on the conrodnya changed or increased. Or if not, by the adoption of the con-rod is one of Yamaha Vixion,” he said Kompas.comSaturday (7/3/2020).

With the replacement, Anang said, the disease is shock strolls are dissolved in Scorpio.

Exhaust yamaha ScorpioAri Purnomo Exhaust yamaha Scorpio

Many owners of Yamaha Scorpio, the complaints of diseases of the exhaust often you shoot, if gas.

This disease usually affects Pio-2006 edition on the top or have adopted, the Air Induction System ( AIS).

Anang said, for diseases of the exhaust shoot-out, this can be overcome by closing the hole of AIS, which are present on the cylinder head next to the left. Then in the bottom of the container is also closed.

“If you continue to do that can be done, tuning the carburetor, it can also be efficient, also can,” says Anang.

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Vibration machine great

Yamaha Scorpio style bobber chopper arable Boneng CustombreDoc. Kustom festival Yamaha Scorpio style bobber chopper arable Boneng Custombre

Not least, the owner of Yamaha Scorpio complained about the vibrations of the engine, this is the feeling when driving.

With a machine that is large enough, i.e., the car is a 225 cc is considered as appropriate if the vibration that is generated is also large.

These conditions certainly reduce the comfort of the journey, especially when travelling over longer distances.

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To heat the machine is easy

With the engine power of 225 cc, and without cooling the clear liquid, the machine Scorpio is simply to warmth or heat.

In addition, if the engine has been used in a long time for a long trip.

The heat from the parts of the machine, also felt, to the foot of the driver. This could reduce the comfort during the journey.

This condition is sometimes the volume of oil in the engine is also reduced.