“behaves like a spoiled child”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s long-running feud over the headlines and gossip magazines doesn’t seem to be ending, with the actress delivering another blow to her ex-husband in the Chateau Miraval Wine Company controversy.

According to a new legal document filed in court and obtained by CNN reporters, Angelina Jolie’s former investment firm Novell allegedly accused Brad Pitt Want to take possession of the prestigious French property, using words such as “rob” and “plunder” in reference to the actress’ property.

The company is seeking $350 million in damages, ,Brad Pitt has literally squandered the company’s resources, spending millions and millions of dollars on completely pointless and unsuccessful projects, such as spending over a million dollars on renovating the swimming pool areas, as well as renovating a recording studio. Reads the document submitted in recent days. And then the accusation: “Brad Pitt behaved like a spoiled childrefused to accept Novell as a partner of the firm,

Recall that, in connection with the story of the Chateau Miraval estate, Brad Pitt accused Angiolina Jolie of selling it to a Russian oligarch just months after the conflict between Ukraine and Russia broke out.

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