Being betrayed is not a disgrace with Damiano and Giorgia Soleri

The devil is in the details in Damiano and Giorgia Soleri’s social isolation

Breaking up among celebrities certainly isn’t easy in the age of social media. we are far from the time Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin they invented conscious opening And they managed to manage the end of their relationship through their respective press offices: It was 2014, there were no Stories on Instagram, TikTok didn’t even exist. Today everything is much more complicated: anyone with access to an online platform is a potential paparazzi and the daily lives of couples Continuously shared with fans from live to live, who then insistently demand absence and rudeness. For example Taylor Swift He thought it appropriate to break up with Matty Healy without first making his story official: easy and painless, zero explanation. more complicated, though, what happened between Damiano David and Giorgia Soleriwho found themselves in the middle of a textbook public breakup.

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The situation, as we learned it from social media, is rather clumsyIf not unfortunate: someone spreads a video on Tiktok, in which in a club, damiano kisses a girl With blonde hair (who many say is Martina Taglianti, a friend of Victoria de Angelis and Thomas Raggi: it is no coincidence that she and Soleri immediately unfollowed on Instagram), but the end of the relationship with his beloved Giorgia hasn’t been official yet, So follows one of his messages on Instagram stories: «I am very sorry for the release of this video. Giorgia and I have now decided to leave us for a few days and therefore there is no betrayal of any kind », he writes, taking screenshots of the note from the iPhone, thus demonstrating the spontaneity of communication. except that oxymoron “for a few days now” (Is that a long time? Too short? The FOMO of dating is pressing), nothing special so far.

It is the sentence that makes us wonder: «I hope this does not affect Giorgia’s image (sic) and that you can respect the delicacy of this moment». phrase, looks like a caregiver, rather looks behind a stratification of ambiguous meanings. because suffered a betrayal (which technically wasn’t even a betrayal according to him) Should someone’s image be tarnished by this? Why should dear Giorgia Soleri be saved in her “emotional record” from an action for which she has no responsibility or awareness? One would think that Damiano’s sentence, certainly mildly stated, is a kind of heroic and patriarchal legacy, in which the dysfunctional knight – while lounging in other castles – is more concerned with his lady’s honor than with keeping his armor spotless. but we know that the myth damsel in distress It is far from archaic.

in a society that stands smoothen relationships Sentimental (and sexual too), perhaps we should rethink all the semantics of betrayal. This is likely to happen in the long run in consensual and equal relationships. to be weak Even the narrative of guilt of the unfaithful (we still have a long way to go to argue monogamy, the “possession” of the other, the distinction between body and emotions). But of course, even today, being cheated is definitely not something that damages our credibility, our reputation, our image in front of others. maybe it’s not Not even a matter of applying the opposite cliche anymoreOffend to the victim, to the offended party, but certainly not to those who stayed home to knit stockings instead of going out to discos.

In fact, that’s what Soleri himself said After about 24 hours he broke his silenceagain in her Instagram stories (which are like a contemporary version of Lady Whistledown’s bulletins bridgerton): «I do not consider exclusivity a value, which is why the relationship between me and Damiano was, by mutual agreement and completely consensual, non-monogamous», she writes, adding only a little stock, though sympathetic, the way things were handled: «In order to protect myself at this delicate moment, I clearly asked for some discretion in our public life… It doesn’t work like that, and that’s where the problem comes from. Is. But as angry, hurt, and disappointed as I am, I can’t help but reflect on our human nature, made of trial and error.

In light of this (and «these six wonderful years together», as Giorgia defines them), theexcess of passion It also fits the context of a relationship on Damiano’s part that even the media have always problematically reported only through a unequal power relations: Giorgia Soleri has moved quickly in the last few hours “damiano dei maneskin’s girlfriend” To “Damiano dei Maneskin’s ex-girlfriend”, Forgetting what she has achieved in recent years and drawing conclusions from her strengths (she wrote poetry, did activism on women’s chronic diseases, participated in Beijing Express and has just recently launched a conscious make up line). Of course it would be naïve to think that being with the leader of the world’s most famous Italian band did him no goodThis kind of cover-up and constant one-sided chatter must be tiring.

Maybe we’re not talking about Damiano and Giorgia Soleri here anymore, or at least not about them at all: in recent years a kind mass of gossip Which meant that we all, constantly exposed to other people’s facts, turned into a constant tribunal of other people’s feelings, We think Chiara Ferragni should quit Fedez, we eat popcorn after the bag and Rolex drama between Ileri Blasi and Totti, bash Kim for not ditching Kanye, rank Harry Styles’ girlfriends , and now we admire Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Brugarnelli because they split while still friends or we are furious because the gym’s personal trainer has recovered with the ex-historian who is still cheating on him. it is because other people’s lives have become oursIn a completely virtual osmosis in which privacy has become one Goods.

It follows that we are always ready to criticize the relationships of others andWe imbibe this relentlessly judgmental approach: We’ve become a court-martial worthy of the collective morality of the 1950s, when Hollywood actors had to play with each foot in bed to avoid giving the impression that they might be committing adultery. This it’s also about cheating: In the heat of identifying the culprits, we forget the living and natural dynamics of relationships (actual ones, not supposed ones). rom com and documentary) And above all, in this case, we forget the specific context: If Menskin’s Damiano closest to contaminated rock After what we had of Vasco Rossi, can we really be surprised that their love is not eternal? And is it any wonder that there are consequences for his crimes? “I hate traitors but I love treason”, seems to have been the wise old Julius Caesar, and maybe it’s time we all crossed our Rubicon strict moral boundaries, And the unfaithful, whether innocent or sinful, will also find a way to defend themselves, perhaps with “the more beautiful”, as a famous twentieth-century philosopher put it.

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