“Being in Barcelona, ​​I was practically alone,” Shakira speaks honestly about the change in her life | Music

Shakira lives in Miami, and being the good old lady from the city, she didn’t think she would support the Billboard Latin Music Awards, which will be celebrated on their next anniversary on October 6th, and she has become an absolute hero of the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The week following these iconic galardons is organized every year in the city to learn a little more about the personal and professional history of the most important artists in the international panorama of Spanish music.

Author Monotony, Chantahe th Loba I’ve given you several interviews over the past few days, but one in particular caught your attention. One of the conversations with Spanish Billboard journalist Leila Cobo about her creative process, latest music projects, inspiration and what she’ll do in her music career after spending time in Barcelona and moving to Miami.

“Being in Barcelona is almost like being alone,” Shakira told Billboard about how she felt about the big life-changing move to Florida. The artist, who has lived near the town of Condal for more than ten years, explained that there is no “active” music industry in the Catalan capital. “Ever since I had the idea, I had to wait for a foreign manufacturer to come to Europe and they were ready to go to Barcelona. Everything was very slow and there were a lot of ideas in town. I wanted to be able to carry out many of my plans,” he assured.

Leila Cobo and Shakira during an interview at Billboard Latin Music Week 2023. / Christopher Polk

According to him, the fact that he did not rely on finding his fellow producers and great international musicians motivated him to continue to grow as an artist. “Being here and looking for so many colleagues, producers, musicians and friends is a great motivation,” the author noted I congratulate you about life in Miami.

Writing is catharsis for her.

In addition, Shakira assured that at this last stage she was “very inspired” and “full of energy.” “I don’t know what’s happening to me, I have no idea. There are steps that keep me on the rise, as if my hand was extended into the studio, they keep me under arrest. Sometimes when someone is skinned for their work, the whole world passes them by. But now I’m on my honeymoon in this music-making and in my career. I am in love with what I do,” I only settled in two weeks after my last topic, El Jefeseeing the light that allowed the dream of bringing sand granite to the Mexican regional genre to come true.

My music has made me a major factor in my survival.”


In terms of composition, the singer explained that for her, writing is a real “catharsis” that serves as therapy. “When I write more, I feel worse. Life takes a turn and because of this I have learned a lot and feel stronger,” he detailed, to later explain that sometimes he felt like he didn’t have enough energy to overcome bad moments, but who now realizes that he is less fragile than I thought. “My music has made me a major factor in my survival,” he noted.

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Yes that’s it Shakira has a very good personal moment. The Colombian claims that in the last few years she has been very excited in front of her fans and that Over the years I have gained much more confidence in myself. by her criterion, what she believes has led her to give priority to what matters in truth.

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