Belen, Ferragni and Satta as Kim Kardashian: the latest VIP fashion

Many famous showbiz faces have shared on their social profiles. the secret of their beauty, indicating that they are ready to inject various fluids into their veins to recharge and thus energize. The drip you named Vitamin dropper (and as the name suggests, they are a booster full of vitamins) are now trendy among the VIPs.

Kardashian, Rihanna and a vitamin drip

A new VIP trend was born in the US in 2019 when sister-caliber stars kardashian, Rihanna AND Paris Hilton allowed to receive vitamins in large quantities by intravenous infusion. They called it regenerative medicine as it is an amazing energy booster filled with detox vitamins and nutrients. The fashion for vitamin drips is so great that there are also bars in the United States where you can buy drips with moisturizers and vitamins.

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