Belén Rodriguez’s dream destination is located on the Adriatic Sea and no one already knew about it

The dream destination of Belen Rodríguez-Albarela - photo from Wikipedia

The dream destination of Belen Rodríguez-Albarela – photo from Wikipedia

In addition to remote Caribbean destinations or islands in the Pacific or Indian Ocean. The famous showgirl’s heart beats for an Italian city on the Adriatic.

It may be that the sandy shores and the magnificent and varied nature remind her of the Argentine coast where she went to sea. or so will The house where she spent her holidays with Ernesto Di Martino in the past It is a small masterpiece of architecture. But Belen Rodríguez’s Dream Destination Is Here in Albarela, a location perhaps not known to everyone on the Adriatic coast but of extraordinary effect. And who knows he might not be going back soon, given the rumors of a reconciliation with the alluring dancer. Let’s take a look at what makes this destination so loved by VIPs, as not everyone can reach Albarela Island.

Take a break from the world at an oasis on the Po Delta

It is a destination where privacy is easy to maintain. This private oasis rises on the delta of the Po River, in the province of Rovigo, and not far from Venice, 5 km long, it has 2 hotels but thousands of private houses and villas. 300 of which also belong to the Marcegaglia family, who apparently love the place. It is an oasis of well being and privacy, since not everyone is accessible even though it is connected to the mainland by a bridge. In fact, the few places available at hotels for those who do not have a home must be reserved well in advance.

Belen Rodríguez -

Belen Rodríguez –

It is surely a heavenly natural oasis. Nature is abundant, with thousands of species of plants and trees. like the white poplar, after which it is named, or pink flamingos, but also fallow deer and thousands of other species that arrive here at the mouth of the Po, along with many species of birds. It is no coincidence that bird watching is a very popular activity among tourists. On the other hand, the region has acquired a dual iconic identity over the years. On the one hand is the field since 1999 UNESCO heritage (a title recognized in the Renaissance city of Ferrara and its delta). Furthermore, in 2015 the Po Delta gained recognition as a Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO MAB programme.

Belen Rodriguez’s dream destination is here

Belen Rodriguez likes to be here with her family, In the modernist villa already appreciated by fans in the social campaigns of the previous years. Certainly it can represent an alternative destination for the summer for many fans and curious travelers.

On the other hand, the warm season has arrived, and we can finally dedicate ourselves to our travel activities. we have to choose size we prefer: If it is a matter of art villages, we can go and share the likes of Ed Sheeran in the heart of Umbria, in Paciano, where it is possible to see him in summer. On the other hand, if our heart beats for exploring beaches, we can discover the Tuscan quartz beach that drives everyone crazy on the Maremma coast. It is called Cala Violaina and is a real feast for the eyes and the heart.

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