Belen “schoolgirl”, Ratajkowski divorced and happy, Giorgia Soleri and sex toys

Hot week for local and international VIPs. Thanks to the Venice Exhibition and the latest summer photos, famous people exploded on social networks with photos, videos and heated confessions.

Emily Ratajkowski is divorced and happy

Divorced and happy. This is how top model Emily Ratajkowski feels, who at the age of 30 had already said goodbye to her first husband, but said that she was happy (and was even being courted very much). Having entered into an alliance with Sebastian Bear McClard (due to his infidelities), today the model feels happy and, looking at peers in his own state he stated: “It seems to me that many women get divorced before they turn 30. And as a woman who got married at 26 and separated a little over a year ago, that is, at 32, I have to tell you: I think there is nothing better.” In a video posted on social media, Ratajkowski added:: “There’s nothing better than being 30, feeling attractive and maybe a little money in addition to being able to think about what you want to do with your life, having already lived through the fairytale marriage and realizing that it may not be as good as they want us to believe. But you still have your whole life ahead of you“. And we move on to congratulations to newly divorced women.

Belen “schoolgirl”, criticism pours in

Belen Rodriguez’s version of Back to School was not liked by people on social media. Fresh from a new love affair with Elio Lorenzoni, the Argentine dancer showed herself on Instagram in a very intriguing schoolgirl image (with mini skirt and white socks), but instead of attracting likes and compliments, it attracted criticism and ridicule. “You look like a stupid little girl” one user thundered, while another wrote: “A student with a scythe… Belen, you are no longer twenty!“. And further criticism: “Even teenagers don’t do things like that, you’re over 36.” And never mind, Argentina always finds a way to set social media on fire.

Georgia Soleri and therapeutic sex toy

She may not have been the first to walk the Venice red carpet with armpit and leg hair, but Giorgia Soleri has definitely turned sex toys into a tool for therapeutic use. Yes, because in the last few hours, Damiano’s ex showed off on her Instagram story a pink sex toy that the activist admitted to using for problems related to vulvodynia. “I bought this tool and some extenders to hold them inside as if it were a posing mask. I keep them on for half an hour in the evening and they help me relax. musclesIn short, it seems that even erotic toys are beneficial for pain.

Are Serena Enardo and Pago married?

On the red carpet Venice Serena Enardo and Pacifico Settembre also arrived. It’s a shame they seem to have ended their marriage. The former tronista’s long white lace dress and his tuxedo with bow tie surprised everyone (especially the paparazzi) and had fans jumping in their seats who thought they were missing out on something. So, to push the envelope, Serena posted the photos on Instagram, adding: “And we even got married!“. Do you want to not believe her, given the outfit? And then congratulatory comments and Direct messages clog up your account. Then the truth:”I thought you’d know it was a jokeApparently, no, the followers did not understand.

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