Belinda looks to a bold skirt with tulle on the Voice of fans giving her the look


Mexico city, Mexico /

Belinda it continues to surprise us with his sophisticated and elegant clothing The Voice. Without a doubt, the artist of the “Love at first sight” proved to be, in the the phase of the auditions you don’t just try to be in the first place, at all costs, but it is also a great deal of the sense-of-fashion –since it does not cease to captivate the audience with their creative looks that will allow you to showing off her statuesque figure.

For the issue this Tuesday The Voicethe actress was wearing a the outfit for the full black with a showing of the reasons for the position as a the point of reference for fashion in Mexico. This time around, the key piece of her outfit was a tulle skirt with transparency and the flower embroidery in silver color, this piece of clothing, a simplified, their well shaped legs.

Belinda ‘set fire to’ the scene of the The Voice the elegance, and the sensuality that is designed to get off. In order to complete your outfit, the artist, the mexican boy beneath the long skirts, short shorts.

In addition to this, she was wearing a t-shirt, in black colour, with a message of female empowerment: “All We” should “be feminists” (“We should all be feminists.”).

Unlike many of the other programs, in which fans were able to enjoy your long hair Belinda it was decided by the you are looking at a cut of the hair to the top of the shoulderin addition to this, she added a small hat which gave him an air of bohemian flair.

Fans have praised her ‘the look’

The followers of Belinda took the opportunity to in praise of the beauty of the singer, as well as the sensuality of the garment. It is clear that the environment is not lacking.



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