Belinda recalls a confrontation with the record company, a taste in music.


Mexico city, Mexico /

The Voicethe contest is the music that is broadcast by TV Azteca, has four judges, who stand out for their talent, according to the music, though Belinda this is the one that stands out in each and every issue, because, in addition to the two outfits is that often to get carried away by your emotions, by listening to and talking with students.

This Monday Belinda has an affinity with a participant, it is Murder, because of this, they put on a face and attitude dependingrecalled lots of different things to the song, “The rock that I love, from a young age; ever since I was 13 years old, I’m part of the music, to the roof of my house.” In addition, he told about an important event in his artistic life: when you he fought for the to include this the genre music.

“The writer has not supported me at that time, for she said,’This is the kind of song that is very rock ‘ n ‘ roll‘and they made me put on music it was different from what I had written, and it gave me the opportunity to make 3 or 4 of the songs on this album, which was mine, and that is exactly they were the most successful of all the“said the king.

“That’s when le, I? ll shut up your mouth, along with the bandsince that day, till then, had supported me and believed in me,” he said.

Then, the interpreter of “Die slow,” he said to the contestant: “I’d like to see him grow up, and I’d like to invite you to my concert, see what we can do together, music, writing… whatever it is that is your dream, the one where you want to go, and I would love to be of support to you.”

There is a rock. There is to go back to the tapes of the rock, there in the back, the feel of the live instruments in the show,” he said.

“I have a lot of life to this day and I thank you for the art, for compartirnos your voice and your style“it was another one of the men is also a model and actress, has issued about a Murder.

In the end, ” it said plays the drums since a very small … and he remembered a time when he and his colleague, Yahir with it.