Belinda’s Grandmother Passes Away at the Age of 88

Belinda and her grandmother Juana Moreno

Juana Moreno, the singer’s grandmother had been hospitalized in recent days in Madrid in critical condition.

Mrs. Juana Moreno, Belinda’s grandmother, died after being hospitalized a few days ago in an emergency at a clinic in Madrid.

The sad news was revealed by Belinda’s public relations, who reported on the networks the death of the lady at 88 years of age.

Belinda Schüll, mother of the interpreter, was the one who published that due to her mother’s seriousness, she had to be admitted to a hospital, and shared a beautiful image in which the hands of both are intertwined, and wrote: “The most important woman of my life. My guide, my friend of the soul. Never let go of me, I can’t imagine life without you. We are going to win this battle ”.

So far Belinda has not made any public statement regarding the death of her beloved grandmother, nor have the reasons for the death of the lady been revealed.