Bella and Gigi Hadid are cut the bangs at home by themselves and the result, according to her friends, is a hair salon


On Monday we started the week talking to you filter TikTok that puts hair full of gray hairand with that Bella Hadid it was great during the weekend. And, what at first seemed like a change of look of the top, in seconds we discovered that it was only a trick. However, two days after the matter has taken an unexpected turn and now, yes, yes, Beautiful a change has been made from look of hair in your home. Emulating Rosalia and Úrsula Corberó has dared with the DIY cutting bangs.

The model has shared in their stories of Instagram a battery of photos that reveal that they have cut the bangs in your own home, accompanied by the text: “I cut my bangs”. In addition, added in your account a survey in which he asked his followers: “what I would you let you cut your bangs? Be honest”, to which their fans voted: “Yes, that mona”.

This is one of the intantáneas has uploaded Bella Hadid, to their stories to ense&bath;ar your new bangs.

This is one of the intantáneas to have raised Bella Hadid, to their stories to teach your new bangs.

But the one who gave his vote in favor to after submitted to the court signed by the sisters Hadid was her best friend, Leah McCarthy. Bella and Gigi joined their talents hairdressers to cut together the hair to Leah, who joked on his social networks, saying: “I have gone to the hairdressing salon Hadid because the prices are good and the snacks are good”. Hadid added in his profile: “Leah is my client most restless, and at the same time it is more quiet, because it is my only client”.

Así it is as he has been the hair of Leah McCarthy, afterés of the court that you have made Gigi and Bella Hadid.

It is as well as he has been the hair of Leah McCarthy, after the cut you have made Gigi and Bella Hadid.

What is clear is that the three of them are doing wonders for the confinement, where do not stop plans fun inside the house. In addition, also they’ve done brilliantly with your foray into the world of hairdressing; something that can not boast of other famous, as Chicago, which does not suffer the same fate as wanting to cut the hair herself at home.