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The horses and the cameras. Those were the two passions of Isabella Khair Hadid until just five years ago. “Not even he liked to pose before the camera,” acknowledged her mother, Yolanda Hadid, recently at a fashion magazine. The girl liked to take pictures, not be portrayed. But that was before, until the walkways were crossed in his life and, in September of 2014, Bella Hadidas it is already known the world over, made its debut parading for Uneven in the Fashion Week New York. From there, his exposure, walkways, covers and influence have continued to grow. With 23 years freshly completed —the held this Wednesday, Bella Hadid, is now in its own right a place in the fashion industry. And, in addition, is not alone: accompanied by his sister, Gigi Hadidanother of the top models of the time.

The triumph of Beauty is quantifiable. The web models.comthe benchmark in the industry, placed within the 50 large mannequins of the moment, in addition to among the better paid and better placed in social networks (seventh, beating Gisele Bündchen or Heidi Klum thanks to his over 26 million followers on Instagram and 1,1 on Twitter). According to an analysis of the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Serain 2017 broke a record playing covers, nothing less than 32, and campaigns, 27, for a fortnight of brands. Today continues to work with the most powerful on the market such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Missoni, Moschino, Versace…

Bella was not the first nor would be the last of his family to succeed in this world. Her sister Gigi —whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid— had made its debut just a year before in the same gateway, and from the hand of the same signature of Spanish fashion. And there are parallels. Although his name helped her sister to achieve the final push, today the two successful solo star-like undeniable (with the permission of the omnipresent and very rich Kendall Jenner, a good friend of both) of the fashion global. Do not share styles, fashion brands or contracts. Neither fights for the same. According to the british newspaper The Standardthe fortune of Gigi exceed 26.4 million euros (earned 8.7 million in 2018, according to Forbes, which puts it in seventh place in the ranking of the models better paid), while Bella would be about 22.7 million, having gained 7.7 million in 2018, and remaining eighth in the same.

Do not fight among themselves; nor need. “Our markets are very different,” explained Bella Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in 2017. “If my sister gets a contract, good for her. We are a family, you can buy a pair of shoes”, I was joking. Although both have a slight physical resemblance, Gigi is the classical american model, blonde, eyes blue, face round, 179 centimeters and measures that rub against the 90-60-90. While, Beautiful is a triumphant gateways european and signatures of beauty for its sharp features, and his mane dark (despite some spot dye blond), measuring 175 centimeters, and with a still more concise: 86-61-81.

The fight does not form part of their education. Beautiful (1996) is the middle daughter —between Gigi (1995) and Anwar (1999)— the marriage formed by the builder and promoter of palestinian origin Mohamed Hadid and his wife, the model Dutch Yolanda (single Van den Herik), married in 1994 and separated in the year 2000. Both have a good relationship: it is common to see them in the first row where your children are parading.

The boys Hadid will not leave a family or of a farm either. Raised in the best schools in California, her father developed the hotels Ritz Carlton around the world, and your fortune exceeds € 360 million, while his mother emigrated from the Netherlands to New York to make a career and, from there, sent money to his family so that they could get ahead. Hence that Beautiful highlight often that ethics has been fundamental to their careers and is the main legacy that he received from his parents.

“When my girls started in this business, sat down and told them: ‘Look, there out there are a million girls so beautiful as you and they deserve the success as much as you. You have to be the hardest-working and prove to the people you care about around the world”, had Yolanda to People on their daughters. “This is a business surface. The clothes come and go, but the thing that makes me be proud of my children, even more than his success, is that they are polite and respectful”. Hence, when they started as models, and also forced them to study: Gigi opted for criminology and Beautiful, of course, by photography.

Their intentions have been met: the work comes first .“I can’t lose myself in parties and crazy nights if I want to give the maximum in my work. For the moment, is all that interests me”, I told Bella a couple of years Il Corriere della Sera. “It is always quiet, no matter what happens,” said Michael Kors her in The New York Post after that fall on the catwalk during his fashion show. “He rises, shakes, and follows, no dramas”. It is common to hear the designers to get rid of in praise with her. “Beyond its beauty, seduced me immediately by his kindness,” says the couturier Alexandre Vauthier. For Jeremy Scott, Moschino, “they are both very educated, sweet and kind”.

The career of Bella Hadid could have been sport; his passion for horses nearly takes to compete in the Olympic Games, but the enfermedad of Lyme (which are also affected his mother and brother) eventually turned away from that. Also could have moved towards the television, as his mother has starred in for years a reality show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hillswhere his daughters have appeared on occasion, more for to please her that for the fame, as they themselves have explained. The destination was marked in the form of a gateway.