Bella Hadid and the return of the makeup that most brings out the color of eyes


Apart of the Kardashian-Jenner, there is another family that also manages to fashion everything. The sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, two of the supermodels most recognized of the last few years, they get to dictate a new trend in each output. For example, last season they discovered that the blush also can be used as a shadow of eyes with spectacular results or even the positions for posing in front of the camera with which the legs seem longer. His latest proposal is to delineate the line of the water of the eye, a simple gesture and typical of the late 90’s with the that is power the look and highlights the color.

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The step-by-step is as easy as outlining with a pencil dark both the bottom line as the top of the eye. And it is that, after many years in which the trend star consisted in lengthening the look with the eyeliner through a single stroke on the tabs above, now returns the technique that surrounds it completely. The good news is that while drawing the corners perfect is a look that is resistant to many, the proposal of the Hadid is suitable even for the beginners.

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To mimic the makeup of Gigi and Bella, the only thing that is needed is choose an eye pencil in black and apply it on the water line both above as below. It is very important to wrap around the contour of the eyes from the outer corner to the tear, a gesture surround that frames this entire feature, intensifies the way, and gets whatever the colour of the iris, this highlight in contrast with the dark tone of the pencil.

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Although it may seem a gesture is very simple, you can get different looks depending on the way the end of the stroke. For example, while Bella decides to extend the outer end with a feline more seductive, Gigi does not, it only defines the shape of your eyes with a deep finish but suitable for both the day and night. Two approaches of a same trend that the sisters rescued in the last decade, with a result that it promises.