Bella Hadid Closes Lyme Treatment Cycle Sister Gigi: Looking forward to your return

Bella Hadid has just completed a long and intense cycle of treatment for Lyme disease, a disorder she has been suffering from since 2012. Her sister Gigi is waiting for her at home, dedicating to her on Instagram: “I am so proud of her and excited about her return. When she feels ready.”

Gigi Hadid In the past few hours, he has dedicated an Instagram story to his sister Bella, who has suffered from Lyme disease since 2012. During this period, when the supermodel completed a cycle of procedures, her older sister expressed her closeness with words of endearment. With the story, she said that she was excited about her imminent return home: “Can’t wait for you to come back“.

Gigi Hadid’s words about her sister Bella

Bella Hadid, who has been suffering from Lyme disease since 2012, has received a tender message from her sister Gigi in the past few hours. The supermodel, wishing her a speedy recovery, informed fans about her state of health:

I can’t wait for you to return. Bella has just completed a long and intensive treatment for Lyme disease. I am so proud of her and happy to have her back. When she feels ready.

Bella Hadid’s mother and brother also suffer from the same disease.

Bella Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012: her younger brother Anwar, 24, and mother Yolanda Hadid, 59, also suffer from the disease. This disease is also known as “borreliosis”: it infects bacteria transmitted after a tick bite. The only ones in the Hadid family who have recovered from the disease are Gigi and her father Mohamed Hadid. In 2016, after the publication of Mother Yolanda’s book Trust Me, Bella spoke about their struggle:

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I have been battling Lyme disease and other related infections for the past two years which have worn me down so much that I can’t ride horses, go to school and work, which is what I’m most passionate about in the world. . You are the only person who could believe and understand what I went through. This book shows children and adults with Lyme disease around the world that you are not alone and that we believe in you!

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