Bella Hadid congratulates the birthday of his sister Gigi on Instagram


  • We are dying of love, with the greeting of birthday that we have dedicated Bella Hadid, her sister Gigi on Instagram.
  • The perfect formula to celebrate the best birthday in the house during the quarantine we have it here.

    Gigi Hadid was 25 springs on the 23rd of April and the poor had the bad luck of having to celebrate it confined in the house (like so many other people, go). Although certainly not outside the feast that she would expect on such a special occasion, in reality was not anything bad because it had the best company: his mother, Yolanda, Zayn Malik (with the that just be a new opportunity), and his beloved sister Bella. The small group is going through the quarantine in the family house, and there organized a birthday amazing with flowers (even Taylor Swift sent a bunch), balloons everywhere, and delicious food. But we what we really were softened, as was the beautiful photo album that dedicated to him by his sister on Instagram.

    Bella and Gigi maintain a great relationship of sisters and they have always shown. On a certain occasion, Bella told that Gigi is her best friend and loves her to death. “It is great to be able to call her and not to talk about work at all, or talk only about that. Your tips are very important. If I ever feel sad, I just call her to reassure me. It’s amazing, I want to”, he added. Since he has now returned to stay clear affection that he has with these precious words that he has spent, which was accompanied by a photo album.

    The tender congratulations of birthday of Bella Hadid, her sister Gigi on Instagram

    “Happy birthday to my best friend, leader, teacher, companion of battles… it would Not be able to live this life without you by my side. Thank you for being the best older sister to me I could ever ask for. I could not have dreamed of better. I am very proud of all that you represent, and you celebrate, not just today, but every day,” wrote the model.

    Please, what can be more cute in this photo? A snapshot that shows that in addition to being monísimas small, their relationship was already unbeatable at that time. Seen this, we have no doubt: they are our sisters, the famous favorite.

    Well, and if that was not enough cuqui all, her father Mohamed Hadid has also decided to intervene with a tender message. “Thank you for letting me be your father”, has been posted in the comments section. Oohhh.

    the greeting of bella hadid, her sister bella on instagram for your meets

    Bella HadidInstagram

    the greeting of bella hadid, her sister gigi on instagram

    Bella HadidInstagram

    Congratulations, Gigi!