Bella Hadid copy the swimsuit more sexy than Kylie Jenner


Bella Hadid is considered the most beautiful woman in the world according to scienceso it is no surprise that this celeb call all the attention every time it rises a sexy photo on Instagram, in a bathing suit.

Lately, we have seen on this social network with bikinis prints, designs full of neutral colours and accessories that all woman should have in their upcoming vacation in the beach (such as coats, bandanas, and sunglasses with touches of retro).

But what is not imagined was that Kylie Jenner already predicted a tendnecia swimwear for weeks-and Bella Hadid could not resist to follow it!

4 days ago, the famous model posted a picture in which loading a martini, takes hoop gold and a large ring, such as hairstyle, a twist, a pose very hot, which crosses the leg.

The bathing suit that will be a trend in 2020

But what called more the attention to this picture of Bella was the the original (and sexy) bathing suit one piece, with patterns of warm colors and cut-outs they are very flattering to the silhouette, since they create an effect of curves instantly!

And if, in and of itself, this piece of beachwear does not go unnoticed, the followers of Hadid recalled that they had already seen Kylie Jenner using it.