Bella Hadid gives us a lesson in style for travel


Bella Hadid is more than accustomed to living in between intercontinental flights for your model profession. That’s why, the little sister of Gigi Hadid it is the most appropriate to give us a lesson in style, even in the less ‘glamorous’, as are those days eternal in the airport.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid, is protected with goggles and scarf/Gtres

Yesterday, we saw the streets of New York, loaded with several bags, so that everything indicated that the model set sail for some place unknown in which will spend several days judging by their luggage. But in addition to the volumninosas bags -of very vivid colors that contrasted with the clothes that you have chosen the one that was ‘angel’ of Victoria’s Secret-has called attention to its ‘look’. And is that the experience is a degree, therefore, the lesser of the Hadid choose a laid back outfit, to test the uncomfortable plane seats.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid confirmed that it will travel in your Instagram/social Networking

Bella Hadid has opted for a total black look composed by a few ‘jeans’ black ‘fitting’ unstructured with the low frayed and a jacket of the same material. This garment coat pattern ‘oversize’, the ‘top’ had fastened up to the neckincorporated only as the details, a few pockets of the plastron, which are sensed its seams. In terms of add-ons, Bella Hadid uses a long scarf black with details in white to protect his throat from the frigid temperatures of New York, the time to cover his face to avoid being recognized, with this lens also adds a few sun glasses dark paste. To this he adds, as shoe, a pair of boots that could be the iconic ‘Dr. Martens’. Thanks to ‘influencers’ such as these, this footwear this reviving in the closets more ‘fashion’ and beyond the typical black is expected to remain in the ‘street style’ during the springin lighter colors, like white. Bella Hadid, ends to break the sobriety of black with the handbag of leopard print that you choose.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid mentions the designers of the clothing/Social Networks

Once mounted in the car which led it to the place from which you will depart heading to your destination, Bella, you remove the scarf from the face and removes the glasses. With a fun filter that will color the eyelids with the logo of a known fashion brand, sister of Gigi Hadid informs his followers of the brands of the clothing. And that is Beautiful, will surely receive hundreds of questions from his ‘fans’ wanting to know where to get the parts that luce, in his ‘looks’.