Bella Hadid is passed to the hair with hair graying with the filter of TikTok that has gone viral (and that you have to try already)


In the five weeks that we have been of quarantine we have seen famous do everything with your hair. While some have experimented with a hair dye striking, as Hilary Duff you have chosen the blue, or Elle Fanning that has opted for the rose; others, more daring, as Najwa Nimri or Tallulah Williseven have dared raparse the head. The problem is that these radical changes landlords do not always have the expected result… If not, just ask Chicago, which ended up admonishing his followers not to cut the hair themselves and homeas she did so disastrous. Bella Hadid, on the other hand, has found a way to change your look hair without lamentations or regrets from last time a filter TikTok.

The model has been uploaded to your account TikTok a video of her with his mane completely grey and that has made the title what Is this gray hair? And, what at first might seem a new look for the gray hairs, turns out to be one of the filters, courtesy of the social network. A safe way to experiment with different hair dyes without fear of making a mistake with the tone, although Bella will sit well even the gray.

In fact, the new social network of fashion has a special section of beautywith different filters to change the tone of the mane, the color of the eyes or to improve the appearance of the skinquite naturally; with a few specific settings for the changes to be saved in every second of the video that is uploaded. A fun way to pass the time at homewithout the need of investing a lot of time in creating a look of beauty with the help of makeup and brushes. Hence, TikTok has become the app of choice for upload tips and tricks beauty, as well as countless tutorials easy to make and the most effective videos and fun in that you can sport a look of beauty that is totally different.

However, despite the fact that it seems that Bella is having a blast with the filters of your application, we would be very surprised to see her again with a look hair different (this time, made so real life and not only virtual). She has shown that is not afraid of changes and we have seen in the past with various shades of brown, tan, or even with the blonde hair, which is actually her natural color of hair. Start the stakes to determine what will be the tone selected for the top during the confinement and how much time will it take to apply a dye in your own home.