Bella Hadid presents a new collection of sports Calvin Klein Performance


If you’ve begun to train with the beginning of the course, or if you have resumed training after the summer and are looking for new clothes to go to the gym, eye to the new collection from Calvin Klein Performance in which have counted with the collaboration of the model Bella Hadid and the actor Mitchell Slaggert.

The garments of the collection, which includes leggings, sports bras medium impact and low impact, t-shirts and hoodies are manufactured in a fabric that evacuates the sweatto skin to keep you cool and dry while you are doing exercise.


The campaign slogan, #StrongInMyCalvins, it encourages us to discover the more amusing side of the sport: at the same time that we help take care of our health and our body can not stop being something fun and liberating. Take the workouts as a time for us can help us that is not an activity tedious to have to do the front, but that will be a time of relaxation and dedication to ourselves.

The full collection is now available in the web of Calvin Klein.

Images | Calvin Klein