Bella Hadid reveals on Instagram his secret to end up with bags and inflammation of the skin


It seems that today we are focusing on the area of the eye contour and dark circles under the eyes. So, after a few recommendations in the form of a cream that actually deserve the penalty, we also have a surefire trick that comes to us from the hand of Bella Hadid for combat inflammation of the skin.

bella hadid

And that is that we have been able to see Bella in the company of his make-up Sam Visser fighting the inflammation of the skin and the contour of the eyes with ice. Yes, it is a trick of the more ancient but still operating as we have also indicated the professional makeup artist, Cristina Lobatothat claims that the cold is beneficial to the skin.


It is important to control the exposure times of the ice as it can burn the skin. The cold helps to redefine the pore and to attenuate its presence in the face so that our skin will look more smooth and defined, perfect for applying makeup.

Therefore, the cold helps the skin activating blood circulation, helping to deflate the veins and cleansing the face. But at the same time regenerates, decongests and next the area of the bag, or areas that accumulate more fluid. returning the smoothness to the skin, closing pores dilated by contracting with the cold.

In any case, after the application of the cold, there is that hydrate in conditions and continue with our routine. The result for Bella are exactly the pictures that you see, a perfect skin without bumps after 20 hours of flight.

Photos | @bellahadid