Bella Hadid was going to be blonde carrot for the Met Gala and so we have seen


Bella Hadid blonde carrot Met Gala would have seen it
Photo: Instagram @samvissermakeup, Bella Hadid

The first Monday of may mark the day it carries out the Met Gala at the Costume Institute of New York, the annual event of fashion more expected. Due to the pandemic COVID-19this edition was postponed indefinitely; but to lift the spirits, Anna Wintour made a video on YouTube and celebrities shared how they would have seen in the gala.

To remember the Met Gala that was not, the makeup artist staff of the model Bella Hadid, Sam Visserrevealed how to would have been the beauty look that it planned to take to the red carpet. He shared some photos of the session test that made to define the details of their appearance, but what was already well defined is that your hair would be to tone blonde orange.

Usually the “blonde carrot” is not precisely the tone most desired because it is usually the result of reflexes red that appear to the weeks of discolour the hairbut Bella wanted to impose as a trend of the decade of 1980 at the Met Gala 2020, just was not sure if the color and the fringe was better with hair lazio or with curls ochenteros.

In the photos of the test digital, we can see that the first option with the hair ironing was coordinated with a beauty look pretty natural with a finish ‘dewy’ in the skin and nude glossy on the lips, shadows, light and eyebrows, discrete, in addition to a lunar just above the mouth already confirmed that Bella Hadid you do not have in reality.

The second option was something more elaborate, with the same tone and tassel, only with chinese loose, blush obvious, shadow of eyes in pastel tones, the same mole of the mouth, freckles (sure he tried it first with a filter from Instagram) and lipstick in tone copper that was perfect with the color of the hair. Replica these beauty looks and discover which will fits you best.