Bella Swan “predicted” Robert Pattinson to play Batman 18 years ago

Twilight foresaw Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

curious coincidence Youth romance Stephenie Meyerpublished back in 2005, and film directed by Matt Reeves who sees Pattinson in the role of the Dark Knight, with which the actor has finally broken with his cumbersome cinematic past, associated specifically with the romantic saga for boys. Joke from the main character Bellaactually brings together the vampire Edward and the DC superhero in an amazing way, comparing them with irony.

In the first book, when Bella first meets Edward, she is immediately intrigued by him and the mysterious powers he seems to have. Saved by him from a car accident, the girl is convinced that secretly a superhero. Edward has the ability to read minds, but he cannot read Bella’s mind: this causes him to directly question her about her theories about her true identity. In this moment, she replies that she connects him with Bruce Wayne.a statement to which the vampire replies that he feels more like a villain than a hero.

Curious, his hypothesis turned out to be “correct”: A few years later, Edward, or rather his interpreter Robert Pattinson, actually wore a Batman costume in a movie inspired by the DC Universe.

It should be emphasized that this passage it’s only in the booksnot on screen Twilight. However, in the first chapter of the saga, we still find a reference to this scene, where Bella does not specifically mention the character of Bruce Wayne or a specific superhero, but speaks in general terms about “Radioactive Spiders and Kryptonite”. In any case, the citation of the book remains a curious coincidence!

As you know, Robert Pattinson will return to Batman – Part 2, which, recall, is part of a separate universe under the DC Elseworlds brand. Director Matt Reeves recently confirmed that the script is moving fast and fans are increasingly curious to see what new threat Pattinson’s character will face.

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