Beloved of a Hollywood star chooses Puglia for relaxation: “I love you!”

The beloved Hollywood star, the protagonist of one of the most popular series of the moment, has chosen Puglia for her summer vacation: a declaration of love.

Italy with its wonders has received millions and millions of tourists during these summer months. Everywhere in the world; From north to south, many have chosen Bel Paese to relax and have fun while enjoying beautiful scenery, good food, rich culture and a much more than welcoming climate.

Hollywood star Puglia
Hollywood star in love with Puglia –

Also many stars decided to go to Italy, arousing the interest of local residents; there is more to Capri than anyone could ever see Jennifer Lopez, Emilia Clarke (still loved for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones) and supermodel Heidi Klum.

As for Puglia, in recent days she has received hima huge superstar starring all over the world in a very famous series; minutes of rest for the actor before returning to the stage, that’s where it was seen. And in social networks, a declaration of love for the Italian region.

Hollywood superstars on holiday in Puglia: words of love come

Some fans of Puglia, a few kilometers from Otranto (in Salento) immediately noticed the presence of Karl Urbanfamous Hollywood actor who has become very popular in recent years (and also after participating in the trilogy “De Lord of the Rings) as Billy Butcher in The Boys. The Amazon Prime Video series is a true media phenomenon, and Urban has become an absolute fan idol.

Hollywood star Puglia
The Boys actor is on vacation in Puglia and declares his love for the Italian region (photo: Instagram screenshot @karlurban) –

Before returning to the stage with the fourth season boys (of which we don’t have details yet) Urban enjoys the beautiful places of Puglia, between the sea and such a culture; the actor was so fascinated by Salento and Puglia that he did not fail to express all his love for the wonderful region of Southern Italy on Instagram.

“I love Puglia!” – the actor writes in the caption to a post published on his Instagram profile, showing himself in a hat, sunglasses and a cigar in his hand, relaxing on the beach; an absolute declaration of the actor’s love for our country, written strictly in Italian and very heartfelt. Relaxation and rest for Urban as fans around the world look forward to the new season boys.

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