Ben Affleck and ‘awkward’ rap with Ice Spice: video revealed!

On a glamorous night MTV Film AwardsHollywood star Ben Affleck he put on a show in a way that no one even expected. Although audiences were still delighted with his recent performance in “Unstoppable“and the unexpected flashback with Jennifer LopezAffleck decided to tickle our sensitive strings in new Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. But that’s not all: the actor showed off his lesser-known side by revealing Rap skills to none other than Ice Spice.

This is not just an advertisement for a major donut brand, but a work of art conceived, directed and produced directly by Ben Affleck and his colleagues. Artist promotionsstudio, which he founded with his longtime friend, Matt Damon. If you want to witness this epic moment, you can enjoy it in all its glory on the official Dunkin’ Donuts YouTube channel. And while we wait in trepidation Affleck’s new projectswe can’t do without I admire his multifaceted talent which from time to time presents us with similar surprises.

Ben Affleck in the movie “Hypnotic”

Ben Affleck and recent (mis)successes at the box office: the case of “Hypnotic”

The big screen is his realm, but the box office can be a minefield even for Ben Affleck’s caliber. His latest film “Hypnotic” is no exception, and not for the reasons you might think. Affleck plays Rourkea cop plagued by a dark past, a role that forced him to come to terms with the most terrifying hypnotist ever seen on the big screen.

In the film Rourke will have to face the worst of nightmares: His beloved daughter has been kidnapped, and the only clue is a mysterious safe. But the robber, known only as a hypnotist, has a disturbing power: he can manipulate people’s minds and force them to do what he wants. As Rourke delves deeper into the darkness of this twisted conspiracy, he must face his greatest fear and learn the art of hypnosis.

Despite these excellent premises, it seems that “Hypnotic” is unfortunately a thriller that is more than impossible to miss, so much so that some blame it from the first minutes after the moniker “bad copy of Inception“. And what do you think? Have you seen this yet?

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