Ben Affleck Best Wishes (Very Brief) from Jennifer Lopez

dForget the long sugary posts we’ve been taught by VIPs when they talk about their partners. jennifer lopez lace upreally very tight. If then it comes down to Happy birthday wishes to Ben Affleck, words are kept to a minimum. After a solitary holiday in Capri between tortellini, tambourines and shopping in the boutiques of the island, the pop star is back on social media to 51 years of her husband.

On Instagram, she posted a video of her and Ben having sex. journey on road. He is driving, she sits next to him and together they hum the soundtrack in the background, wonderful world. If on her birthday, Jennifer Lopez even sent out an email to fans via her newsletter detailing her wild table dancing to entertain guests, on her anniversary, in which her husband is the protagonist, the message is definitely shorter. . “Dear Ben… Happy birthday. I love you!”.

Could they be words of circumstance to mask a supposed crisis? While J.Lo was in Capri Affleck came to Florence to play the father of his three children. was during his marriage to Jennifer Garner. After all, in the past, the couple has already publicly demonstrated attempts to reconcile love, interests and passions quite publicly. It should also be said that Ben Affleck he’s not exactly a fan of social media: in an interview with Hollywood Reporter March last year, he explained that he would like to stay away from it because his statements are often misunderstood, admitting that his wife “genius” in online communication. It’s better to leave Instagram and the like to her without making too many stories.


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