Ben Affleck cameo removed from Blue Beetle?

Directed by Ángel Manuel Soto, released in Italian cinemas on August 17, 2023. blue beetle tells the story of Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) who sees his life change when, after returning to his hometown after university, he finds an ancient magical artifact that binds him, symbiosis with a boy and endowing him with extraordinary powers. The symbiotic encounter allows Jaime to develop a kind of beetle-like exoskeleton, and to do so, the boy takes on the secret identity of the Blue Beetle. With new powers, the film’s protagonist attempts to right the injustices of his city and uncover and/or foresee crimes, until he meets Victoria Cord (played by Susan Sarandon), who is hungry for Blue’s power, along the way. Bug.

Rumors around blue beetle

Now that the film has made it to theaters (HERE are the box office results for its opening weekend in theaters), not only reviews and opinions about the film itself, but also some gossip that would have been related to the production of the film itself, began to multiply on the net. An example of this is a post that appeared on Twitter, which was then reported by Soon, according to which the film was to be enriched by the cameo role of actor Ben Affleck, who was called to voice his version of Batman / Bruce Wayne. However, according to online rumors, this cameo was cut from the final cut as having Ben Affleck in the film as Bruce Wayne would have led to the connection between Blue Beetle and the “old” DC Extended Universe, which is what James Gunn wanted. avoid at all costs. Meanwhile, plans have surfaced for a possible Blue Beetle trilogy in Gunn’s new DC Universe.

James Gunn reacts to Ben Affleck’s cameo

James Gunn’s response to these “statements” was not long in coming. Director Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and a new boss for the reboot of the DC Universe, in the hope that he can rival Marvel Cinematic Universe, took to Twitter to share his truth about Ben Affleck’s supposed cameo as Batman. stage setting responded directly to the “offensive” tweet, stating:

I’ve never heard of Ben Affleck’s vocal cameo in The Beetle, and neither has Peter. (Peter Safran, Gunn’s right hand at the helm of the DC Universe, ed.). Even less have I heard of carved cameos.

James Gunn then continued to communicate with fans directly on Twitter to further clarify the situation. In fact, the director then posted another tweet in response to the first one he shared, emphasizing:

I never heard of a cameo because a cameo never existed. (I asked the manufacturers).

Therefore, it seems that the rumors that have been chasing each other on the net in recent days are unfounded and may be the result of some kind of theory on the part of the fans, which was then taken as reality. Thus, Ben Affleck, according to James Gunn himself, never participated in the creation of Blue beetle.

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