“Ben Affleck has been correcting the way I’ve been acting since I was 14”

Matt Damon revealed that being directed by Ben Affleck on the set of Air was nothing new for him: ‘He always gave me directions’.

Air, Matt Damon: "Ben Affleck has been correcting the way I've been acting since I was 14"

During a recent interview published today by USA Today, a Matt Damon was asked to talk about his first experience on set alongside his longtime friend Ben Affleck in the role of director. The actor of Air he hilariously explained that this is by no means the first time the filmmaker has corrected him or given him some acting advice.

Damon has been married to Luciana Barroso for twenty years and the couple have four daughters. Affleck, 50, divorced Jennifer Garner and is now reunited with (and married to) Jennifer Lopez. Although from the point of view of love their paths have been quite different, the friendship between the two continues over time, as well as the respect that Damon has always had for his friend, winner of the Oscar for best film in the 2013 with Argos.

In this regard, during an interview on the promotional tour of their new film, the star said: “We have been working together since we attended theater in high school. So when people ask me questions like, ‘Is this your first time being directed by Ben?’ I always reply: ‘No way, he’s been correcting me and giving me advice since I was 14. He always gave me directions“.

In the cast of their new film, Air – The story of the great leap, in addition to Damon and Ben Affleck himself, also include Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker and Viola Davis. The film tells the story of the famous Air Jordan line of sports shoes that united Nike and the then little-known Michael Jordan.

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