Ben Affleck in a hurry to become a father together with Ana de Armas


Everything seems to indicate that the relationship of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas the wind in its sails, both the actor and the thought of even starting a family with the actress.

Then it was announced officially that the pair of actors Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas they are together , things could take more speed and end in a wedding and children.

And apparently it is something that the actor you want as even have stated that you want to form a family with the actress, of cuban origin.

The couple hardly takes a month of relationship, and have recently been given to know the plans of the actor as even want to present his daughter with his new love despite the opinion of Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife.

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The former couple’s actorbelieves that it is not yet time because they still take some time for bride and groom to make the introductions as serious as these.

After shaking to know this last statement actor revealed that is considering having children with the cuban actress.

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This, as Ben he loves children and loves being a dad , according to a source close to the magazine, so that it would not be surprising that perhaps very soon Ana de Armas and Ben give a surprise.

Ben loves kids and loves being a father. Would love to have children with her some day,” was what he said a source close to the magazine Us Weekly. And in reality it is not that there is anything wrong with the idea, however, and in harmony with what you mention Jennifer Garner, I just take a month!

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It should be noted that Jennifer Garner, who was the wife of actor you don’t have any problem with the plans of the actor since it has already exceeded it, even be happy with the new life of the actor.

She considers him a friend, thinks that he is a good father to his children and respects it. She is happy in her own life … and happy for him and their relationship, said a source to Us Weekly.

However, perhaps the emotion of the moment and that you are beginning a relationship have been very excited to actor, who apparently is sagging by the talented actress, protágonista of ‘Knives Out’.

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On the other hand, it is unknown the opinion of the same in the face of these statements as Ana de Armas is an artist on the rise looking for their place as a great Hollywood star, Would you be willing to do a pause in this point of his career to be a mom?