Ben Affleck is unrecognizable. What director Kevin Smith says about the actor

Kevin Smith is of the opinion that the actor has completely changed since he reconciled with Jennifer Lopez. The director says that love has rejuvenated Affleck, and his attitude is much more optimistic.

Over time, Smith has worked on several films with Affleck, but the director has also had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lopez. So he became close to the couple. Kevin Smith directed the film Jersey Girl in which Ben and JLo played together.

People are fascinated by the fact that they have reconciled. Their love story gives you hope for your own life.

– Kevin Smith

The director said that JLo brings the most beautiful of Ben Affleck to the surface. In fact, Smith says Jennifer Lopez has never been brighter than that. Reconciliation with Ben Affleck had a beneficial effect on the artist’s life.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have a long-distance relationship

Director Kevin Smith says Ben Affleck has been unrecognizable since he reconciled with Jennifer Lopez. His words are not far from the truth. JLo and Ben shine every time they’re together. Throughout the summer, the couple took advantage of their free time to stay together.

Lately, the two had a very busy schedule and for this reason they had to start a long-distance relationship. Jennifer Lopez is in Vancouver where she is filming for her new movie, The Mother.

JLo and Ben Affleck kissing in public on a walk in New York
JLo later met Ben Affleck in New York after her statement that she always thought of him and “had love in mind” during the Global Citizen Live / Profimedia Images concert.

Ben spends some time in Los Angeles where he lives with his three children. In parallel, the actor is just as busy with filming, so the two end up seeing each other only on weekends.

A source close to the couple recently stated that JLo comes to Los Angeles to see Ben, after which they leave together at the airport. The couple tries to see each other as often as possible and take their relationship very seriously.

It seems that Jennifer Lopez is willing to fight this time for the love story she has with Ben Affleck. Her boyfriend doesn’t let himself down either. Ben is extremely protective of JLo and has become very close to the artist’s twins.


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